Predict, Not Extrapolate


The basic units of a Modtris model are the actions, each a mini-program with build-in algorithm for computing the changes resulted by the action to a company's physical and financial positions. Analysts build models large or small by adding and removing actions without being exposed to the complexity of formula and equations.


Modtris provides the flexibility necessary to build robust models, such as: setting up multiple product lines with different processing time and cost; defining sales margin and percentage based on either the production year or inventory age; defining receivable and payable turnover rate; financing through different methods, leasing, issuing bonds, borrowing secured loans etc.


Despite of its flexibility, Modtris enforces in each action two fundamental principals.1) Physical conservation: a company can never give more than it has. 2) Balance sheet is always balanced. When these principals are enforced over many actions, they severely restrain the possible outcomes, thus enabling insight and predictive power to Modtris models.


Modtris computes the long-term physical and financial positions of a company in one single computation over any specified horizon of forecast. The three financial statements are generated as part of the outputs that consist of many additional details on a company's operating and financing activities.