Predict, Not Extrapolate.


Model a company with your understanding of what it does by quickly selecting pre-programmed business actions (borrowing debt, expanding capacity, buying and selling inventory, etc.). Then with just one click of button, Modtris computes all the forecasts.


Modtris computes the future balance sheet, income statement, cash flow and the breakdown of all positions dynamically generated by the model (revenue, inventory, receivables etc.).


Modtris derives all forecasts from the first principles in accounting and the real world in one single computation so the users can be confident of the consistency of the results across all financial variables. The internal consistency of Modtris forecasts can be used to benchmark a company’s reported statements to discover potential inconsistency or unreported business changes.


Modtris is completely scalable to long forecast horizon, able to produce 30 years or longer forecast crucial for valuating equity shares or assessing credit default risks.


Whether to adapt a model from one business type to another, or to quantify the impact of structural changes in the industry, Modtris users can quickly get the job done by replacing and customizing a few Modtris actions.