Predict, Not Extrapolate.

Following the announcement of internal investigation of Luckin Coffee, Car Inc was immediately under fire for the guilt of association. Its stock price on HK stock exchange lost more than 50% value and subsequently Moody’s and S&P downgraded the company’s rating to Caa1 and CCC.

The primary market concern may be that Car Inc, even though under separate management now from Luckin, nevertheless may engaged in the same alleged shoddy practice when Luckin’s current COO, Mr. Jian Liu, who is under the internal investigation, worked at Car Inc.

During this time of heightened volatility and uncertain sentiment, logical and quantitative analysis based on hard numbers and mathematical consistency is what investors need most for making educated and informed judgement. This report attempts to provide one such piece of analysis

Do Car Inc’s Past Financial Results Make Sense? (32 downloads)

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